The PowerCube

The PowerCube is the smallest multifunctional electrical distributor in the world. When using the PowerCube you have multiple outlets and USB chargers in one small cube. The unique shape of the PowerCube has the additional advantage that power cords do not get tangled up. This power strip separates the multiple power cords and makes sure the cords do not overlap.

Power strip design

This power strip comes in a variability of colors. The design of the PowerCube is innovate and stylish. Nowhere else do you find so many power outlets and USB chargers in such a small power strip. The PowerCube are delivered in a well-designed, environmentally friendly and reclosable package.
A PowerCube Extended has a 4 or 5 sockets with a power cord of 5 feet (1.5 meter). These two models are delivered with a docking station, so you can attach the PowerCube horizontally or vertically to a surface. The USB chargers on this power strip charges your devices rapidly. The USB chargers use a 2.1A output which makes the PowerCube charger a lot quicker than your laptop or desktop.
The PowerCube Extended Remote can be switched on or off through a battery charged wireless remote. This Remote van turn on or off the PowerCube from a distance up to 80 feet (25 meter).

Power strip while travelling

The PowerCube Rewireable or the PowerCube Rewireable DUO-USB is in combination with Travel Plugs ideal to use for travelling. All over the world, the PowerCube can be used as a power strip or USB charger. The PowerCube can be powered by a standard IEC cable throughout the year anywhere. The IEC cable also functions as an extension cable at the same time.

Powercube for “Power-branding”

The PowerCube power strips are ideal to be printed with your company name. This ensures “Power-branding” in the office throughout the year. Logos can be printed on the angled top side as well as on the USB side of the PowerCube. This makes the PowerCube ideal as a promotional gift.
When PowerCubes are ordered in large volumes, the casings and outlets can be produced in multiple colors. This provides a fun and original gadget which ensures Power Branding. With this promotional gift we guarantee many positive reactions.